Over the past year, PGI has been busy moving into the realm of online delivery. Five online modules, one providing a broad introduction to NS and each of the other four focussing on one of the key aspects of the NS Framework (Positioning, Leveraging, Engaging, Synthesising), are now accessible to the participants of the Executive Leadership Program (ELP), an Institute of Governance-led program. The online modules were developed as an added component to the four-day New Synthesis seminar which PGI facilitates as part of the ELP. The online modules are projected to become an independent aspect of PGI’s activities. PGI sees these first modules as the beginning of a wider embrace of online delivery. The PGI team will be examining, as part of its 2018 priorities, how best to position the modules within PGI’s overall mission.

The development of these modules is directly related to one of PGI priorities for 2017 (see January 12 Newsletter);

Knowledge Dissemination:  

A new project focusing on knowledge dissemination will be launched to convert NS concepts into a diversity of pedagogical instruments using multimedia technologies to meet the needs of interested partner countries.