The new book by PGI President Jocelyne Bourgon, A New Synthesis of Public Administration, Fieldbook, is now available for purchase on Amazon worldwide.

There were recently book launches in Singapore, Kuching (Malaysia) and Helsinki (Finland). The discussions centered on the importance of the New Synthesis ideas for preparing the public sector to the challenges of serving in the 21st century. The Fieldbook expands on the first book published in 2011.

According to Tan Sri Mohamad Morshidi, State Secretary of Sarawak, this book “is different. It is not often that the civil service of a state in a developing country is asked to contribute to a leading edge project, such as the New Synthesis Initiative… This is a must read book for civil servants.”

Peter Ong, Head of Singapore Civil Service and Permanent Secretary to the Prime Minister, says that “the New Synthesis framework and workshops help public officers discover new solutions to the governance challenges of today. This book brings together rich insights from practitioners across the world. It also challenges public officers to think ahead, to prepare for the new roles that governments will play in the future.”

Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Director General of Finland National Agency for Education and a former Minister in the Finnish Government, said: “There is so much noise about what governments don’t do well. But on solutions, there is silence. That is why the voice of this book can be heard so clearly. It uniquely combines an understanding of the metamorphosis of public service identity with concrete tools and examples for leading public transformation.”

A fourth launch will be held later this fall in Ottawa in cooperation with the Institute on Governance.

Our photo shows Ms Bourgon presenting her book to Sarawak’s Chief Minister.