A New Synthesis of Public Administration, Serving in the 21st Century, authored by PGI President Jocelyne Bourgon and published in 2011, is now available in Danish.The new edition, published by Dansk Psykologist Forlag, includes a preface and an epilogue by Kristian Dahl, from LEAD (www.lead.eu ). A book launch was held recently  in Copenhagen, hosted by Mindlab (www.mind-lab.dk/en ).

Thomas Prehn, CEO of Mindlab, opened the event. His opening remarks were followed by testimonials and endorsements of the book by :

  • Solvejg Jacobsen, Chief of Staff of KL, the Association of municipalities : The New Synthesis, a stategic framework that gives new possibilities;
  • Michael Bech, CEO of Kora, the Danish Institute for local and regional government research : Public sector leadership in changing times;
  • Kristian Dahl : The New Sunthesis in a Danish context and public sector practice