NS Laboratories

An NS Lab is a journey of discovery for practitioners.  It encourages an open exchange of ideas and moves participants through sessions devoted to exploring NS concepts, learning from international examples and integrating findings into their own New Synthesis. 

The goal of an NS Lab is to provide practitioners with the tools and capacities to explore solutions beyond the conventional.  An NS Lab seeks to prepare practitioners to build the capacity of their organisations to adapt to changing circumstances.  To date, over 300 practitioners have taken part in NS Labs.

The NS Team is offering two types of NS Labs:

  • A New Synthesis in Action: These NS Labs are country-specific and are developed in collaboration with a partner country from beginning to end.  The Labs use the NS Framework to help practitioners engage with a challenge chosen by the partner government and uses content and examples relevant to the partner country.  This type of Lab has been used to explore a diverse range of issues from re-thinking the role of the “Centre of Government” in Singapore, Finland and Estonia, to “enforcement and security issues” in Sarawak (Malaysia).
  • An Introduction to the New Synthesis: These NS Labs introduce and familiarise practitioners with NS concepts and findings.  We use interactive sessions to encourage practitioners to apply their learning to an individual challenge they face in practice. These Labs have been conducted in EU member countries, Australia, and with the co-operation of organisations such as MindLab (Denmark), Institute for Government (London), Commonwealth Association for Public Administration and Management (Delhi, Putrajaya) and the Institute on Governance (Canada).

For more information on NS Labs or to explore a partnership with PGI please contact us at:  contact@pgionline.com.


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