In its December 2017 issue, the International Review of Administrative Science publishes an article by PGI president Jocelyne Bourgon entitled “ Rethink, reframe and reinvent: serving in the twenty-first century”.

In his editorial, Editor in chief Andrew Massey says:

“…we are pleased to publish a paper from Jocelyne Bourgon. She is an outstanding public servant and has exercised a leadership position for many years. She also did us the honour of delivering the Braibant lecture, which was published in this journal in 2006. In the decade since then, the reforms of the public sector and global issues impinging on public administration and public sector managers have become complex and often more burdensome. It is timely that Jocelyne Bourgon serves us with an interesting reappraisal of the points she made during the Braibant lecture, a reappraisal replete with the experience and wisdom of a ‘real world’ public servant, able to connect the world of the academic observer with that of the public sector leaders who have to make and deliver public policy”