PGI announces the development of a four-day seminar covering the core aspects of the NS Framework. The seminar was launched in the summer of 2017 as part of the Institute on Governance’s Executive Leadership Program.

The four-day seminar offers a full immersion into the NS Framework using case studies adapted to the participants. Each day is dedicated to one of the four core aspects of the NS Framework: Positioning, Leveraging, Engaging and Synthesizing.

  • The Positioning workshop initiates participants to the power of a broader mental map.
  • The Leveraging workshop explores the various options and opportunities for working with others as well as the barriers to participation faced by potential partners.
  • The Engaging workshop opens the avenues which lead to a citizen-centric perspective.
  • The Synthesising workshop examines the power of narratives in leading society through a process of transformation.

This represents a new milestone in PGI’s ongoing mission to prepare public sector leaders to deal with the challenges of the 21st century. It is also a follow-up on one of PGI priorities for 2017 (presented in our January 12 Newsletter), which reads:

Over the last year, PGI has worked in collaboration with IOG to introduce Canadian Executives to the NS findings to date. Four modules have been created to explore:

  • The power of a broader mental map (positioning),
  • The power of others (leveraging),
  • Citizens as public value creators (engaging), and
  • The power of narratives of change (synthesizing).

 In 2017, the team will review the approach and explore new avenues for disseminating NS findings. This may include a one-day introduction program; an orientation program for a mixed cohort of practitioners at the federal, provincial and municipal levels; modules to dive more deeply into aspects of the NS Exploratory Process, etc.