About Us

PGI is dedicated to building the capacity of public organisations and public institutions to face the challenges of serving in the 21st century.  We blend academic research, learning through experience and practical advice to explore new ways of addressing the complex challenges facing government today.


  • Our research is grounded in practice. We explore new ways of building the capacity of government to adapt to changing needs and circumstances.
  • We conduct literature reviews to identify new ideas with the best potential for practitioners.
  • We undertake original research in co-operation with country partners to explore the new frontiers of public administration.
  • We disseminate our work through Labs, workshops lectures and publications.

Practical Advice

  • We design and facilitate workshops for senior public sector leaders
  • We provide practical advice to decision-makers in various countries to achieve better public results and to build the capacity of public organisations.

Action Learning

  • We believe that the best learning comes from practice. We capture and disseminate the lessons learned by practitioners around the world leading ambitious public sector reforms.
  • We connect practitioners and thought leaders to speed up their learning process and improve the likelihood of success of public sector reforms.

Our Work

PGI is committed to supporting practitioners, political and professional leaders in their work to create government that is fit for the time. We work with a variety of international partners including multilateral organisations, and private and public organisations.  We bring vast practical experience and draw insights from international collaborations to assist leaders facing the challenges of serving in the 21st century.


Main Background

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