1- Publications and knowledge dissemination

The 2017 main priority was the publication of The New Synthesis of Public Administration Fieldbook, which took place in September.

Other publications included:

  • A Danish edition of the 2011 first NS book (A New Synthesis of Public Administration);
  • An article entitled Rethinking Public Innovation, by Jocelyne Bourgon, published in Ethos, the Journal of the Singapore Civil Service College;
  • Two new case studies; “TeachOntario” examines the efforts by the Ministry of Education of Ontario to develop an online platform dedicated to the dissemination of localized information and practices across the education system. “Overcoming Poverty Together” tells the story of the government of New Brunswick’s recent attempt to tackle the issue of poverty;
  • An article entitled “Governments shouldn’t force faith-based hospitals to perform medical assistance in dying” by PGI Vice-President Michel Bilodeau was published on the Healthy Debate web site.

Five online modules, one providing a broad introduction to NS and the others focusing on one key aspect of the NS Framework (Positioning, Leveraging, Engaging, Synthesizing) are now available for participants in NS Labs and workshops.

A four-day seminar covering the core aspects of the NS Framework has been added to the complement of NS workshops, labs and seminars.

Two collaborators have been certified by PGI to facilitate New Synthesis sessions.

2- International activities

As expected, the preparation of The Fieldbook limited the time available for international activities. Nevertheless, PGI collaboration with Sarawak (Malaysia), Singapore and Finland continued.

PGI participated in two meetings of the International Advisory Panel of the Sarawak Civil Service Leadership Institute. In addition, Ms. Bourgon facilitated an NS workshop and delivered a keynote address at the Skilled Human Capital Conference organized by the University of Malaysia, Sarawak. Sarawak civil service hosted a launch event of the NS Fieldbook

PGI President Jocelyne Bourgon participated in or facilitated four roundtable discussions on collaborative governance, organizational design and the center of government for staff and senior management of the Singapore Civil Service. The Singapore Civil Service College also organized a launch event of the NS Fieldbook.

Ms. Bourgon led a working roundtable entitled Reforming Public Administration as part of the SITRA Public Sector Leadership Capacity Building Program. She also participated in a workshop on governance and leadership development, and held meetings with officials of the Prime Minister Office about areas of shared interest, including strategic planning, mid-term reviews, and the changing role of the center of government. Sitra hosted a launch event for the NS Fieldwork

Activities were also held in Copenhagen,  Prague and Dubai. The New Synthesis was recognised in New Zealand as a leading example of the New Public Governance movement in public administration

3- In Canada

  • Vice-President Michel Bilodeau was appointed by the Ministry of Health of Ontario to lead a review of the quality of care provided by an Ontario hospital;
  • He also facilitated a panel discussion on medical assistance in dying at an international conference on humanizing health care;
  • PGI continued its partnership with the Institute on Governance in the Executive Leadership Program.
  • The New Synthesis was the topic of a one-day workshop in Quebec City. The event was attended by Quebec senior civil servants and facilitated by PGI;
  • PGI entered into a new partnership agreement with Lead Action;
  • The Institute on Governance hosted a launch event for the release of the NS Fieldbook.